C Scope Metal Detectors

C Scope metal detectors offer a wide range of features and benefits all designed in careful response to the demands of the UK and European detectorist. They boast a wide range of features including sensitivity adjustments, adjustable discrimination, ground balance and pinpoint functionality. They offer lightweight designs from just 1050g with waterproof search heads available and fantastic battery life. Starter kits include headphones, trowel, scratch cover and the battery so you can get off to a quick start with your metal detecting efforts.

C.Scope is a British manufacturer that can trace its roots back to the early 1970s. Since that time C.Scope have earned a reputation for building high quality products at very affordable prices. Using what C.Scope describe as their smart design philosophy, they have a range of innovative products that combine ease of use with professional performance. All hand built at the C.Scope factory in Kent, UK. Explore the full range today and if you have any questions about C Scope metal detectors feel free to get In touch.

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