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Brand: C.Scope
EAN: 5060086350579
Availability: Out Of Stock
£359.00 £439.00
Ex Tax: £299.17

C.Scope CS1220xd pack includes

  • Headphones
  • Coil Cover
  • Batteries


The 1200 series by C.Scope is one of the countries' all time favourite metal detectors. Of the various incarnations produced, the 1220XD is the most popular and is now widely considered a design classic. The combination of performance. sensitivity and build quality appeals to a wide variety of users searching all terrains. Now due to enthusiasts and dealers like us lobbying C.Scope, the CS1220XD is being manufactured once again.

The CS-1220-XD features meter discrimination on a nice big, clear, meter display; and two factory pre-set ground settings for easy adjustment to prevailing ground conditions. The unambiguous signals of the CS-1220-XD will especially appeal to detectorists who find they cannot get along with the false signalling many machines generate. The CS-1220-XD is extremely good at identifying iron rubbish - the well known curse of almost all farmland sites.

Choose one of three modes to search with:

  • Manual mode. Search to maximum depth in the all-metal ground mode and check targets with one quick press of the discrimiation button.
  • Meter ID. mode . Automatic ground cancel is activated and each signal is visually analysed by the analogue meter.
  • Meter and Tone ID mode. Works as meter mode but with audio pitch change - High for good targets and low for bad targets. (Affectionately known as the 'sooty and Sweep' mode!)

The CS-1220-XD won't waste your time. The CS-1220-XD is indeed a CLASSIC metal detector - a tried and tested design, proven successful beyond a shadow of a doubt, now redesigned, optimised, and brought bang up to date. The CS-1220-XD is highly recommended for serious metal detecting enthusiasts of all abilities.


  • 3- operating modes
  • Non-motion technology
  • push button retune
  • Pre set ground balance
  • Audio discrimination
  • Meter Discrimination
  • 8" Waterproof concentric polo search head
  • 12V 8AA battery system

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