Accessories C.Scope

We stock a good range of C.Scope accessories. If you can't see what you want here, please call us on 01724 845608.

C.Scope 14x11" DD widescan Search head. This search head offers improved ground cover and de..
8" Polo coil cover to fit C.Scope 8" polo coils. Fits CS440XD*, CS770XD, CS1M*, CS3MX* CS9..
C.Scope 8" Coil cover to fit all early C.Scope metal detectors with the 8" solid isocon se..
Fits all C.Scopes with later 10" polo coil (with strenghtening supports across centre hole) ..
Lower stem to fit all C.Scope models. (new non metallic stem - replaces all previous types) ..
Belt clip for belt mounting C.Scope CS3MX, CS3MXi, CS4MXi, CS4PI & CS6MXi ..
8 X AA battery holder to fit most C.Scopes. If in doubt please call us on 01724 845608 with your C.S..
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