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As official distributor for Minelab in the UK, we stock a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for all Minelabs metal detectors from GPZ and GPX gold detectors to coin and treasure models such as X-Terra, CTX 3030 and E-trac.
Please note we are constantly adding to this section so if you can't see waht you want please call us on 01724 845608.

CMD Equinox Environmental Cover Keep your display in pristine condition with this weather cover w..
Minelab Commander 10 x 5" Double-D Search Coil The 10 x 5-inch Double-D has good depth and sensi..
Minelab Commander 11" Double-D Search Coil The 11-inch Double-D provides a good combination of d..
Minelab Commander 11" Mono Search Coil The 11-inch Monoloop coil is very sensitive to small gold..
Minelab Commander 15 x 12" Double-D Search Coil The 15 x 12-inch Double-D achieves good depth and..
Minelab Commander 15" Mono Search Coil The 15 x 12-inch Monoloop coil is sensitive to small gold..
Minelab Commander 18" Double-D Search Coil The 18-inch Double-D achieves greater depth and groun..
Minelab Commander 18" Mono Search Coil The 18-inch Monoloop coil detects to the greatest depth of..
Minelab GPX Battery Cable Battery cable for the Minelab GPX Series Metal Detectors...
Minelab GPX Bow Knuckle and Bungee Kit Genuine Minelab spare and replacement parts. The kit is su..
Minelab GPX Lithium-Ion Battery (Standard) Standard Lithium-Ion 68 Wh Battery unit for the Minelab ..
Now in stock! Hurry. Very limited SupplyThe Minelab Pro Find 15 is packed with advanced and innovati..
Minelab Equinox 11" Coil Cover Coil cover for standard 11 inch  EQX011 Equinox search coil. ..
Minelab Equinox 15" Search Coil Pre-Order Now You can pre-order the 15 inch coil now by filling ..
Minelab Equinox 6" Search Coil Pre-Order Now The 6 Inch coil is now shipping in limited quantity..
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