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Accessories for XP metal detectors

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XP deus mi-6 pinpointer overview The new MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector has a wide ..
The Quest WireFree HD headset is the simple affordable solution to convert your WS4 to over-ear. No..
11'' XP DEUS Coil, lower stem, coil cover and fitting kit. ..
Xp Deus 11" Coil Cover. ..
13'' x 11'' XP DEUS Coil, lower stem, coil cover, and coil fitting kit. Size: 3..
XP Deus 13 x 11 inch Coil Cover. ..
9'' XP DEUS coil and coil cover, lower stem & fitting kit. ..
XP Deus 9" Coil Cover. New Style Coil with '2' moulded inside the coil cover. ..
This new optional coil is specialised for hunting small targets in mineralized ground It ope..
XP Deus High Frequency Elliptical search Coil 24x13 cm (9.5"x5") with fitting kit, coil co..
The Xp Deus case is finally here! Made from polypropylene so its light and durable! Made from p..
XP Deus Charge Clip to fit and charge all XP deus coils ..
Silicon Cover to protect the remote control for the XP Deus. ..
The WS2 wireless headphone system is a lightweigh 'backphone' (the headband goes around th..
The WS3 wireless headphone system has been developed specially for XP machines and utilises digita..
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