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The Celts left no written records and the only historical accounts we have of them derive mainly fro..
Finally, a Roman coin book that enables the serious amateur a quick and clear way to identify the Ro..
This book is an excellent reference guide to identifying medieval coins. Containing over 530 colour ..
Now the only one-volume priced guide to coinage of Republican and Imperial Rome. It is an indispens..
Medieval English Groats by Ivan Buck This is the definitive reference work on English Groats, writ..
Coins of Scotland, Ireland & the Islands
Spinks definitive (and latest) guide to coinage produced by Scotland, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Man..
Coins of England and the United Kingdom 2014
Listing coins from Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Medieval and on through to modern day, Coins of En..
Leaden Tokens & Tallies by Ted Fletcher The text ranges far and wide to tell the stories; the ..
Tokens & Tallies 1850-1950 by Ted Fletcher The massive social changes that took place during 1..
Tokens & Tallies Through the Ages by Ted Fletcher There is no universally accepted agreement o..
Tokens & Tallies Through the Ages There is no universally accepted agreement on what is or is..
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