NOKTA METAL DETECTORS was founded in Turkey in 2001, and since then a combination of technological know-how and experience in metal detector engineering has seen them become a global brand employing a staff of more than 150 and exporting to more than 100 countries.

Today Nokta offers a broad range of personal and commercial products used for a variety of purposes, including Hand Held Detectors, Body Scanners, Gold Detectors, Coin Detectors, Treasure Detectors, Deep Penetrating Detectors, Mining Detectors, Military Detectors, Ballistic Detectors, Technical Detectors, Industrial and Security Detectors.

£949.00 £899.00
Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta! The IMPAC..
£629.00 £529.00
nokta velox one nokta velox one pack includes Headphones Coil cover Battery case with leather wal..
£699.00 £599.00
nokta fors core nokta fors core pack includes Headphones Coil cover DVD Batteries   Ove..
£999.00 £849.00
Nokta Fors Core Pro- Latest Version! nokta fors core pro pack includes 15" DD S..
£799.00 £719.00
Fors Relic pack includes: Headphones Coil Cover Batteries 11 x 8 DD Seach head 5" ..
£799.00 £679.00
nokta fors gold plus Nokta fors gold plus pack includes FGP26 Waterproof Search Coil 26 cm x 14 c..
£1,099.00 £989.00
Nokta Golden Sense Metal Detector Overview With the Golden Sense, specifically developed for g..
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