NOKTA METAL DETECTORS was founded in Turkey in 2001, and since then a combination of technological know-how and experience in metal detector engineering has seen them become a global brand employing a staff of more than 150 and exporting to more than 100 countries.

Today Nokta offers a broad range of personal and commercial products used for a variety of purposes, including Hand Held Detectors, Body Scanners, Gold Detectors, Coin Detectors, Treasure Detectors, Deep Penetrating Detectors, Mining Detectors, Military Detectors, Ballistic Detectors, Technical Detectors, Industrial and Security Detectors.

Nokta Impact The Impact is a new multi-frequency metal detector from Nokta. It combines cutting edg..
£949.00 £899.00
Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta! The IMPAC..
£629.00 £529.00
nokta velox one nokta velox one pack includes Headphones Coil cover Battery case with leat..
£699.00 £599.00
nokta fors core nokta fors core pack includes Headphones Coil cover DVD Batteries ..
£999.00 £849.00
Nokta Fors Core Pro- Latest Version! nokta fors core pro pack includes 15" DD S..
£799.00 £719.00
Fors Relic pack includes: Headphones Coil Cover Batteries 11 x 8 DD Seach head 5" ..
£799.00 £679.00
nokta fors gold plus Nokta fors gold plus pack includes FGP26 Waterproof Search Coil 26 cm x..
£1,099.00 £989.00
Nokta Golden Sense Metal Detector Overview With the Golden Sense, specifically developed for g..
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