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Brand: CMD
EAN: 5060573771597
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CMD Vanquish to Equinox Straight Shaft Conversion Kit

After creating a Vanquish straight shaft conversion to work with our own CMD Two Piece Carbon Shaft, we have now created an advanced and improved adaptor design that will allow users to choose which Equinox straight shaft to use on their Minelab Vanquish.

The main component of this system is a new base clamp that replaces the standard camlock at the base of the handle.

Why a Straight Shaft?

Some Vanquish users reported the detector can feel a little nose heavy with the stock S stem design, particularly with the larger V12 coil. The straight shaft conversion shifts the centre of gravity backward, altering the balance to make the detector feel lighter and more comfortable. Used in combination with a light-weight carbon fibre shaft, a physical reduction in weight can be acheived.

Why an Equinox Shaft?

With many after-market stems already available for the Minelab Equinox, the adaptor will make your Vanquish fit an Equinox shaft with standard fitting, as well as a variant to fit the popular Tele-Knox telescopic carbon shaft. This broadens the possibilities to customise your Vanquish straight shaft conversion to use the stem of your choice, be that an after-market model, the standard Minelab Equinox shaft, or one of your own.

We have also added more options for the arm-cup. Previously we added an Equinox arm-cup to fit the shaft, which added to the cost. Now there is the option of an adaptor shim, to make your original Vanquish arm-cup fit the Equinox stem.


There are various options to choose from to customise your conversion kit to suit your needs and budget.

Adaptor Fitting

There are two versions of the Handle Base Adaptor.

Vanquish Stem adaptor for Tele-Knox
Standard Fitting
Made to fit a standard fitting Equinox shaft. This includes the genuine Minelab Spare Shaft Kit, the CMD Two Piece Carbon Fibre Shaft and others that use the standard fitting with the 9mm locator hole on the under-side. Please note: we recommend the above mentioned shaft kits, as they have both been successfully tested with this product.
Tele-Knox Fitting
Made to fit the Tele-Knox range of telescopic carbon Fibre stems. Unlike a standard fitting shaft, the Tele-Knox has a groove in the under-side, allowing the position of the control box to be adjusted along the length. The super-compact shaft is available in a range of colours and designs to suit your taste.
Vanquish 540 on a Tele-Knox Stem
The ultra compact Tele-Knox carbon fibre stem on the Vanquish 540

Shaft Options

We give you the option of adding one of three types of shaft to use with the adaptor. Or if you already have one, or wish to use another make of shaft, you can opt out of this.

Genuine Minelab Standard Equinox Shaft Kit
This is the standard stock shaft for the Equinox. It is a three piece set with aluminum upper and middle, and a fibreglass lower which includes new friction washers. This is a good budget option, as it is a lower price than the carbon fibre alternatives.
CMD Two Piece Carbon Fibre
This tried and tested design has been a hit with Equinox users since its release late in 2018, with hundreds sold and glowing reviews. The two piece design offers greater strength and rigidity, with fewer parts and joins, weight is kept to a minimum and strength to a maximum. More than 100 grams lighter than the standard Equinox shaft, this is the best choice for a sturdy shaft with reduced weight.
Tele-Knox Telescopic Carbon Stem
The fully telescopic three piece design makes your detector super compact for storage and transportation. Available in a verity of colours, including standard carbon fibre black and sparkling red. The alternative method for fastening the control box/handle means you can fully adjust its position relative to the arm-cup. This is the best choice to maintain the compact design of the Vanquish on a straight shaft.
Use your own shaft
If you have another shaft in mind that you want to use with this product, you can opt out of purchasing a shaft with the adaptor kit. While the standard fitting should work with any Equinox shaft that fits the control box/handle in the standard way, we have only tested it with the above shafts.
Vanquish 440 on a CMD Carbon Fibre Stem
Super light-weight CMD carbon fibre two piece stem on the Vanquish 440

Shaft Colour

Please note that this option only applies to the Tele-Knox Shaft. The Standard Minelab shaft and the CMD Two Piece are only available in black. The Tele-Knox offers a choice of colours.

Arm-cup Options

Equinox arm cup
Equinox Arm-Cup Kit

The new conversion kit now gives you the option to use your original red arm-cup of the Vanquish with the addition of an adaptor shim, or buy a standard Equinox arm-cup with the kit. The choice is described in more detail below

Vanquish Arm-cup Adaptor
With the addition of an adaptor shim, your original Vanquish red arm-cup can be made to fit the round Equinox shaft. This gives you a cost saving over purchasing an Equinox arm-cup which is made to for the Equinox shaft and allows you to keep the distinctive Vanquish red colour.
Add an Equinox Arm-cup
For the best arm-cup fit, you can buy the genuine Minelab Equinox Arm-cup. The advantage of this is a more solid connection of the arm-cup to the shaft, and on a standard fitting shaft, where the control box/handle position is fixed, the arm-cup position may be adjusted to suit your arm.
Arm-cup Recommendations

With the Vanquish arm-cup adaptor, on a standard fitting shaft, the distance between the control box handle and the arm-cup will be fixed. The distance from the rear base of the handle to the front edge of the arm-cup will be approx 8.5" or 215mm. This will be fine for most adults, but if you require adjustment you will need to get the Equinox arm-cup.

On the Tele-Knox the control box handle position is adjustable and the arm-cup position fixed, so it still allows the distance from arm-cup to handle to be altered with either arm-cup. So you will not need the Equinox arm-cup, unless you require the firmer fitting, or want a black one.

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