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Brand: CMD
EAN: 5060573771535
Availability: Coming Soon
Ex Tax: £95.79

CMD Vanquish Straight Shaft Carbon Fibre Conversion Kit

After the success of the CMD Two Piece Carbon Fibre Shaft for the Equinox, we have adapted the same superb design to make a super-light, super strong, straight shaft conversion for the Minelab Vanquish Series of metal detectors.

By simply adding a shim to the lower part of the shaft, at the hole that locates the Equinox control box, the stem is adapted to fit the handle cam-lock of the Vanquish. Then add an Equinox Arm Cup, and you have the ultimate straight shaft conversion for the Vanquish. The lower stem already fits the Vanquish coils, with the same iso-tip design.

Lower stem with iso-tip
The iso-tip with fit both Equinox and Vanquish with standard Minelab teardrop washers

Some Vanquish users reported the detector can feel a little nose heavy with the stock S stem design, particularly with the larger V12 coil. The straight shaft conversion shifts the centre of gravity backward, while the carbon fibre reduces the overall weight, giving a more comfortable balance.

The two piece design offers greater strength and rigidity over others, with fewer parts and joins, weight is kept to a minimum and strength to a maximum. While other, cheaper kits have a join to butt the existing shafts together just below the cam-lock, at a major stress-point, the CMD shaft is a continuous carbon fibre tube, from the arm cup, straight through the upper cam-lock, right down to the lower cam-lock, giving you no weak point in the whole length. All this in a tried and tested design with two years use already on the fields and beaches with the Equinox.

The kit includes a Genuine Minelab Equinox Armcup, the reason being that the position of the control box, handle and upper cam-lock assembly is fixed on the shaft, at the locating hole the Equinox control box uses, so you cannot slide it relative to the arm cup on the shaft top. Also the Vanquish armcup fits a square shaft, so would require another adaptor. With the Equinox armcup, the cup itself can be moved up or down the shaft, to or from the handle, on the series of holes for locating it.

Adjustments to the lower stem is made simple by our own quick release, lever cam-lock, similar to that on the standard shaft. For extra lock and twist prevention, there is a one-piece stainless steel button clip with locating holes. The cam-lock has been specially designed to be compatible with standard Minelab spare parts. In the event of wear the lever, pivot pin and press block may be replaced with those from the Minelab cam-locks, giving you peace of mind that spares are available from Minelab outlets.

CMD Vanquish Straight Stem
The Minelab Vanquish 540 with CMD Carbon Fibre Straight Shahft Conversion.
CMD Quick release cam-lock CMD Quick release cam-lock
CMD's Quick Release Cam-Lock

Kit Includes

  • CMD Carbon Fibre Upper Shaft
  • CMD Carbon Fibre Lower Shaft
  • Vanquish Round Stem Adaptor Shim (fastened to upper stem)
  • Minelab Equinox Arm Cup Kit


Upper and Lower Shaft
Carbon Fibre, for maximum strength at minimum weight.
Cam-Lock and Iso-Tip
Nylon, tough, durable and light.
Button Clip and Cam-Lock Pivot
Stainless Steel, avoids corrosion in salt water use.
Arm Cup
Polycarbonate Copolymer & Polybutylene Terephthalate Alloy (PC/PBT)
Camlock Adaptor Shim and Pressure Block
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), a rubberised plastic for improved grip and shock resistance

Shaft Specification

Upper Shaft Length
Upper Shaft Weight
Lower Shaft Length
Lower Shaft Weight
Total Length Retracted
Max Length Extended
Min Length Extended
Total Weight
Carbon Fibre upper shafts with machine cut holes

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