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i had some xmas money given to me and was after a new detector. went on websites like regtons joan a..

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I've just bought one of these ingenious little devices (Innolster spade carriers) from Crawfords, an..

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Brand: C.Scope
Availability: In Stock
£349.00 £429.00
Ex Tax: £290.83

The c.scope cs4mxi pack includes

  • Headphones
  • Coil cover
  • Batteries


The C.Scope CS4MXi is one of a new generation of metal detectors from C.Scope. Working in conjunction with detector enthusiasts, the CS4MX-i is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the UK and European detectorist.
Built around the famed C.Scope 17kHz frequency operating system and benefitting from new generation signal processing and filtering, the 4MX produces a superb sharp and fast signal response with a lightning fast recovery time.

The CS4MXi follows the traditional ‘S’ stem configuration with the electronics housed in C.Scope’s ‘bomb proof’ control box housing found on the new 3MXi, 6MXi and many of their industrial units. The standard interchangeable search head is an all new 8” x 11” DD search head again designed as a direct result of consultation with experienced detectorists. Two accessory search heads, an 8” polo concentric and an 11” x 14” DD are also available for the CS4MXi.
As well as the usual Sensitivity, Discrimination and pinpoint controls, the CS4MXi benefits from a ‘Disc 2’ control to enhance target analysis and a fix/adjustable ground balance control. Fixed GB is for switch on and go or adjustable GB for the user wishing to squeeze every last drop of performance from their CS4MXi.

Our field tests suggest the CS4MXi is a lot of metal detector for the price. It is rugged, balanced and clearly built to last (C.Scope’s 5 year warranty is testimony to that!). By listening to the requirements of serious enthusiasts, C.Scope has come up with a detector that not only the hardcore of the hobby will be happy to use day in, day out, but it will also find a good home with a novice or occasional user wanting for something a bit more serious. We have no doubts the CS4MXi is going to be very popular indeed.


  • Sensitivity (inc power on/off)
  • Discrimination 1
  • Discrimination 2 (via trigger switch)
  • Ground balance – fixed or adjustable
  • Pinpoint.(via trigger switch)
  • Operating Frequency 17KHz
  • Batteries -8XAA
  • Battery life 30-40 hrs
  • Search head 8 x 11 DD eliptical

Price includes headphones, coil cover and batteries

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