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Brand: C.Scope
EAN: 5060086350999
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c.scope cs3mxi-pro pack includes

  • Headphones
  • Coil Cover
  • Batteries


The best just got better! The new CS3MX-i Pro follows in the same tradition as it predecessor but with improved circuitry and is now fitted with the renowned 11x8" DD search head adding even more depth and versatility to an already very capable metal detector. The CS3MX-i  Pro is a metal detector built to withstand the rigours of the detecting environment.  The chassis/control box design came from C.Scope's industrial division, making detectors for use on construction sites, so it's certainly up to the job! Another neat feature is the ability to fit the control box on a belt leaving an extremely lightweight stem and search-head on the business end. Although balance with or without the control box mounted is excellent.
Electronically, the CS3MX-i Pro has a classic straightforward style of operation which most professional detectorists have as their ideal.  8 x AA batteries deliver 12 volts of power, again, perfect for this class of metal detector.  Switch on the power and turn up the sensitivity as high as conditions allow. Many prefer a silent threshold but plenty of detectorists like to keep their detectors on the absolute limits of performance with a constant background tone and the 3MXi Pro allows you to do this. Variable discrimination and target pin-point button complete the CS3MX-i Pro enthusiast styled format.

"We tested the CS3MX-i Pro on some recently ploughed farmland. Heavy going for both detectorist and detector, especially when its clay soil. This is when you really appreciate a lightweight metal detector to go up and down and round the furrows as everything inevitably gets caked in mud. The CS3MX-i Pro performed exceptionally well, the high 17KHz operating frequncy certainly proving itself to be extremely sentitive. Some detectorists like to move fast so speed of response can be very important, or you can easily miss a weak signal. I am pleased to say the CS3MX-i passes this test with flying colours. The response is quick and the good signals ring out clear and sharp. Large iron tends to produce a 'sputter' or signal which I can only describe as 'woolly'. Little hammered coins can be recognised often before you dig purely by the clipped crisp quality of the signal. The pin-point button is a really neat feature which momentarily puts the detector into non-motion mode and position the find exactly.  The CS3MX  is very precise and powerful. My stint with the CS3MX-i was just such a job well done, producing plenty of non ferrous targets of various sizes and no rubbish, though there was plenty of old iron around, the CS3MX-i Pro eliminated the lot!"

our Verdict

The CS3MX-i Pro is a very, very good metal detector. C.Scope have listened to experts and designed a metal detector based on what they have been told. Experts will love its sheer performance and the fact it is so well built it seems indestructable! Beginners will love its no nonsense simplicity and the fact that within a short space of time they too will be experts!


  • Power On/Off & sensitivity control,
  • Fully adjustable discrimination level
  • Highly tuned 17KHz electronics.
  • Adjustable stem length.
  • balanced stem with armrest.
  • Automatic motion retune.
  • Target pin-point control.
  • Headphone socket.
  • Belt mountable control box with belt clip supplied.


  • VLF Motion opersting system
  • 17KHz operating frequency
  • 11" x 8" (20cm) DD widescan search head.
  • 12v, 8 X 'AA' battery system
  • Upto 40hrs battery life.

Price includes, headphones, coil cover & batteries.

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