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Brand: C.Scope
EAN: 5060086350838
Availability: 1
£525.00 £645.00
Ex Tax: £437.50

Latest model with straight shaft and rear-mount control box for perfect balance - -

c.scope cs6mxi pack includes

  • Headphones
  • Coil cover
  • Batteries


The C.Scope CS6MXi is the long awaited and much discussed flagship of a new generation of metal detectors from C.Scope. Working in conjunction with detector enthusiasts, the CS6MXi is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the serious UK and European detectorist.
Built around the famed C.Scope 17kHz frequency operating system and benefitting from new generation signal processing and filtering, the 6MXi offers superb sensitivity to the smallest and thinnest targets with a superb sharp signal response and a lightning fast recovery time to tackle even the most iron infested sites.
A Three Pitch Audio Discrimination allows identification of targets before even thinking about digging. A high pitch signal tells you it's time to dig. The Variable Discrimination Control allows further target analysis and the ability to identify and reject foil type signals. If you are not interested in iron, you can decrease the Iron Volume level and eliminate these signals altogether meaning the CS6MXi is always at its optimum level of tuning.
The CS6MXi signal is a real time instantaneous signal which combined with the Iron Volume and Discriminate Volume settings give you clear, fast and precise speed of analysis on every find.

C.Scope have worked and consulted metal detecting experts to design a detector for experts. Our field tests suggest this is not really a detector for the novice but for experienced detector users who will certainly benefit from the power the CS6MXi has to offer.  It handles mineralised and iron infested sites extremely well and the combination of the iron volume, disc volume and discrimination controls, once mastered, mean small targets can virtually be plucked from under iron targets. The sensitivity to tiny targets is incredible. Given the performance and the price the CS6MXi is being offered at, we can see this becoming an all time best seller for C.Scope.

Designed and manufactured in the UK - the quality, ruggedness and perfect lightweight balance of the CS6MX is second to none. This quality is allied to C.Scope’s legendary customer service and an unequalled warranty.


  • Sensitivity Control
  • Discrimination Control
  • Disc Volume Control (mid tone)
  • Iron Volume (Low tone)
  • Ground Balance – Fixed/Adjustable
  • Pinpoint.
  • Frequency – 17KHz
  • Batteries – 8AA
  • Battery life 30-40hrs
  • Search Head - 8x11 DD elliptical


Supplied with Free Headphones, Batteries & Coil Cover.

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