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Craig gave me a good price on my trade in detector. I phoned my order in monday at nine oclock in th..

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thanks great service and a very good price very helpful CMD for me are the best out there, as i am n..

Graham Sullivan 20/06/2013

Well i ordered this product Wed 3am and its just turned up Thu 4pm. First impressions -- looks fanta..

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Brand: Books
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Volume 3 of the series of fascinating & valuable Guides to dating and identifying metal antiquities.

A4 Paperback format. 93 pages. Includes price guide.

Artefacts in this volume include:
Lace Tags; Belt Decorations; Horseshoes; Medieval Candle Holders; Bayonet Scabbard Hooks; Pewter Syringes; Bronze Pot Legs; Walking Stick Tops and Ferrules; Medieval Purse Holders; Brass Lettering from Tombs; Decorative Pouring Spouts; Casket, Chest and Door Keys; Snake Form Belt Hooks; Roman and Saxon Pins; Silver Pins and Bodkins; Pilgrims Ampulla; Medieval Barrel Locks and Keys; Cosmetic Implements; Finger Rings; Clothing Accessories.

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