david bushell 18/02/2020

bought my first detector from Crawfords service 5 star ..

Dave from Ipswich 14/11/2019

Craig is an honest geezer just rang up asking about a certain new make of detector he said they were..

Dave bearshaw 16/01/2021

Had a helpful conversation then ordered a vanquish 440. Ordered on Thursday received on Friday. Have..

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Brand: CMD
EAN: 5060573771504
Availability: 14
Ex Tax: £4.99

CMD Vanquish Stem-mount Probe Clip

A simple stem-mounted clip to carry your pin-point probe conveniently on the upper stem or your Minelab Vanquish metal detector. Easy to install, with no tools required. Simply remove the upper, arm rest part from the detector, and slide on to your preferred position for best balance. It will fit the stem on any side, left, right or bottom, as you choose.

Most common pin-point probes will fit the clip, including the Minelab Pro-Find, Garrett and Nokta/Makro Pointers. It features an eyelet for the probe's lanyard, so your pin-pointer will never be far away from your Vanquish or accidentally left behind.

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