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Can We Service Your Metal Detector?

We offer a service for minor metal detector repairs and we are more than happy to give your metal detector the once over to identify and advise if further attention is required. Many problems that occur with metal detectors are simple errors and can be sorted out with simple logic. We would recommend taking a look at our troubleshooting section before contacting us or a service centre. It could be something simple and let’s face it, we have all done it.

We are happy to provide calibration services for your metal-detector as part of or separately to a service. Regular calibration helps you ensure your metal detector is always accurate and we are happy to assist you here. Our troubleshooting guide will help you with most aspects of maintenance and the most common issues we see so check that first before you decide it needs repair.

The reason we do not get involved in service is that modern metal detectors are sophisticated electronic instruments and although most operate on basically similar technology, manufacturers design in their own performance characteristics which are understandably closely guarded secrets. They prefer to have service centres specialising in their products alone. This makes a lot of sense from our point of view as there are so many makes and models on the market it would be impossible for us to know and understand the workings of them all. It also makes sense from your point of view as you can be sure the service centre knows your detector inside out and will be able to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently using genuine parts. As part of our service, we are in touch with all the service centres for the metal detectors we sell and we are happy to deal with them on your behalf if you wish, should you have a problem with your metal detector.

Should you have a problem with your metal detector and our troubleshooting guide has not helped, give us a call on 01724 845608.