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I bought a used go find 60 I was just expecting the detector as it was reduced due to being a used m..

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Brand: Whites
MPN: 800-0348
EAN: 758686403485
Availability: Out Of Stock
Ex Tax: £129.00

whites xventure


White's XVenture is a "real" metal detector designed for the younger metal detectorist. The XVenture is simplified to be fun and rewarding for kids seven years old and upwards
White’s XVenture metal detector has all of the basics you need to make finding hidden treasure fun for the whole family. Whether searching for coins and jewellery on the beach, exploring the history of your own back garden or even seeking Roman gold in the fields, this XVenture metal detector easily tackles the job.
Unlike other metal detectors in its class, the XVenture has an identification system to give you a guide as to what is in the ground before you dig. A simple and innovative flashing LED lights system shows it the target is iron, foil, nickel, pull-tab, or a coin.  This means you can focus on digging up the real treasure and skip over the trash. The sensitivity boost button gives an extra boost to depth (where ground conditions will allow) and a pinpoint mode makes it easy to 'zero in' on your detected target for quick and accurate target recovery.
The XVenture is a real metal detector that will get them outdoors and away from that computer screen! Whether they are a budding archaeologist or an intrepid treasure hunter searching for King John's gold, The Xventure will provide hours of fun.


  • adjustable to fit most kids 7 years old and older
  • 5 segment target ID lights up to indicate type of target
  • selectable sensitivity
  • pinpoint mode
  • 1/8''headphone output
  • lightweight construction
  • waterproof search coil
  • 2 AA batteries included

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