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My wife and I have been detecting for about 3 years with various amateur machines. After deciding to..

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I have purchased a couple of machines from Crawfords, the most recent one had a slight problem but C..

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This is first the time I have used crawfords and it won't be the last!, wonderful company, very joll..

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Brand: XP
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xp goldmaxx power

xp goldmaxx power includes

  • headphones
  • Coil cover
  • Control box cover / hipmount bag
  • Batteries


The XP Goldmaxx power has proved to be one of the best selling metal detectors through out UK and Europe in recent times because of its ability to perform on the toughest sites. It does this because it encompasses highly tuned circuitry specifically designed to excel in areas of high iron contamination and mineralisation, exactly the conditions experienced on many ancient and productive European sites.

The Goldmaxx power operates at a frequency of 18KHz which is in the upper range of the useable VLF frequency range and has been chosen for optimum sensitivity to targets that are usually very difficult to detect, like thin silver coins, gold nuggets, jewels and all other small objects.

Multi-Tones offers basic target id and facilitates easier ground balancing. The Iron Level and Iron Threshold adjustments coupled with exceptionally fast recovery speed enable superb target separation and allow targets to be detected even when very close to iron.

The latest version of the Goldmaxx Power now has the new lightweight foldaway stem as found on the top of the XP range 'Deus' metal detector supplied as standard.


• Frequency : 18 KHz.
• Mode : Motion
• Multi-tone discrimination in ALL METAL mode
• Microprocessor analysis of signals
• Volume control for low Tone (iron volume)
• New fine-tuning using “IRON THRESHOLD” allows you to identify iron as a low tone very precisely, giving YOU control
• Ground Balance: adjustable
• SILENCER switch: 3 position to limit iron false signals
• Wireless headphone transmitter (new 2 channel version) already built into the circuit boards of these four new detectors.
• New FREQ SHIFT switch on the front of the detectors to reduce any interference from other XP machines being used nearby.
- Change the channel of the Wireless headphone (ch1/ch2)
- Change the frequency of the detector (Freq 1/ Freq 2)
• Improved graduation of the sensitivity settings
• New powerful, entirely reworked circuit board, combining performance together with higher sensitivity to winkle out the ‘goodies’.
• Faster recovery than previous models enabling you to find deeper targets near iron.
• Power : 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5Volts AA or rechargeable NiMh pack.
• Battery life : alkaline : 50 hours - Battery : 50 hours (2300 mAh NiMh)
• Battery low alert

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