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The Tesoro Story begins with Jack Gifford, a brilliant electronics engineer and, importantly, a metal detector enthusiast. That advantage was that not only did he know how to build a metal detector; he knew what an enthusiast wanted from metal detectors.

Tesoro was founded in the early 1980s and very quickly earned a reputation for quality, performance and simplicity. Throughout their 30 year history Tesoro have designed and manufactured some of the most popular metal detectors ever produced.

Non metallic coil bolt for all later Tesoro & laser metal detector coils with 1/4" h..
Strong nylon coil bolt & wing nut fits all early models that utilised 3/16" metal bolt. S..
Tough ABS Lower stem to fit all Tesoro/Laser models. (replaces all previous metal or fibreglass st..
Replacement hand grip for all models. (Fits most other detectors too) ..
Arm cup assembly to fit Tesoro and laser metal detectors EXCEPT models with battery compartment be..
Coil cover for all slimline 5 3/4" Coils  ..
Scuff Cover to fit Tesoro / Laser 7" solid Coils. ..
Scuff Cover suitalbe for all Tesoro / Laser 8" DD search heads. ..
Coil cover to fit all Tesoro Laser 9X8" standard frequency web coils (web coils with a 5 pin ..
9" X 8" Coil cover to fit 9" x 8" high frequency web coils. ..
Coil cover for 10 X 5" Eliptical coils. ..
Scuff cover to fit all tesoro & Laser 12 X 10" Web Coils. ..
Coil cover to fit 12 x 10" DD coils. ..
5.75" Round Coil for all std frequency Tesoro/Laser models. ideal for high trash sites, River..
5.75" search coil for high trash sites, River foreshores, rock pools etc. Fits: Lobo Supertr..
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