northernlite 30/06/2016

RNB LiOn battery for the Etrac. Amazing performance in field, 6 hrs solid and still showing full cha..

Neil Hebden 19/06/2012

thankyou Craig, you teated me very fairly with my trade ins for the etrac, I shall continue shopping..

Richard Stoddart 06/06/2014

i purchased my new xp deus from crawfords on 5/6/2014 craig was waiting for me as i had phoned him t..

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Brand: Tesoro
Availability: 1000
Ex Tax: £119.99

5.75" Round Coil for all std frequency Tesoro/Laser models. ideal for high trash sites, River foreshores, rock pools etc.
Fits all models with 5 pin coil plug.

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