coiltek 14 x 9 elliptical dd coil & Coil cover for ctx3030 overview This new open web elli..
£99.99 £79.99
Minelab Pro-Find 20 Pin-Point Probe The Pro-Find 20 is the latest addition the Minelab's Pro-Find s..
£799.00 £569.00
Nokta Impact The Impact is a new multi-frequency metal detector from Nokta. It combines cutting edg..
£299.00 £279.00
The Simplex+ The Simplex+ from Nokta Makro is a brand new machine with professional features at a..
£399.00 £369.00
The Simplex+ with Headphones The Simplex+ from Nokta Makro is a brand new machine with profession..
£349.95 £305.95
With XP's latest electronic advances the new X35 coils deliver high performance and versatility offe..
£699.00 £599.00
XP ORX Metal Detector The XP ORX is a lightweight hybrid machine with an easy to us interface wit..
£139.00 £109.49
£149.00 £139.00
coiltek 6" treasureseeker coil for Minelab E-trac overview Coiltek 6" Treasure Seeker coil . ..
Detech 13" Ultimate Coil for Minelab FBS series Suitable for: Minelab E-trac Minelab E..
£109.95 £99.95
Garrett's new Pro-Pointer II pinpointer is best described as a fully revised version of their hu..
£149.00 £118.99
Special Offer - Kid's Accessory Bundle Get the new Detecting Team kid's Accessory ..
£199.00 £159.00
Minelab Go-Find 44 Metal Detector The new Go-Find 44 from Minelab's l..
£259.00 £214.99
Minelab Go-Find 66 Metal Detector The new Go-Find 66 from Minelab..
£389.00 £279.00
Minelab's X-Terra 305, 2018 Model Boast a radical new single frequency technology (VFLEX) that wi..
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