Caroline 11/09/2019

Not a happy bunny detector arrived today missing battery compartment hopefully be here tomorrow..

A waudby 23/11/2013

Called in at the shop with my detector,done px deal in minutes.Very happy with my new minelab safari..

Chris B from Wiltshire :) 24/05/2017

I HIGHLY HIGHLY RATE CRAWFORDSMD.COM. These guys and girls have earned an EXCELLENT rating from me, ..

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Brand: CMD
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CMD Carbon Fibre Shaft for Minelab Equinox, Special Price Factory Second

We have a limited number of factory second upper shafts with a minor defect at a special reduced price. The shafts are fully functional and useable, as the defect is purely visual. Some cam-locks are slightly mis-aligned on the stem, this however does not affect the alignment of the lower stem and coil, as it is located by the spring clip in its hole, not the cam-lock itself. This means you will still get all the lightness and strength of our carbon shaft at an unbeatable price.

Lower stem with iso-tip

The two part construction is both strong and light while being easily adjustable. It has all the holes for adjusting the arm cup and total length from the original three piece shaft but will fold much shorter while fully assembled by retracting the lower stem almost fully into the upper.

Adjustments to the lower stem is made simple by our own quick release, lever cam-lock made from tough light nylon and a no-nonsense one-piece stainless steel button clip. The cam-lock has been specially designed to be compatible with standard Minelab spare parts. In the event of wear the lever, pivot pin and press block may be replaced with those from the Minelab E-Trac and Safari cam-locks, giving you peace of mind that spares are available from Minelab outlets.

Enhanced Design

Since our first batch has sold out we have made a few tweaks to the design based on customer feedback to improve weight, durability and usefulness of the product. A slight change to the upper shaft specification allows the lower to slide more freely inside it. The lower shaft has shed a little weight since the first batch bringing it down to just 70 grams. We have also redesigned the iso-tip which holds the coil, now held in place with a flexible aerospace grade epoxy resin. A further enhancement is the addition of drain holes in the tip to allow water to run out freely after detecting in water.

Equinox Carbon Shaft with the 15 Inch Coil
The Equinox Carbon Shaft with the 15 Inch Coil

Our prototype design has been field tested with the 15" coil (EQX15) to ensure the cam-lock and button clip gives a firm hold free from any wobble.

In addition to this full shaft we can supply just the upper or the lower shaft separately.

Both parts are compatible and interchangeable with the standard Minelab Equinox shafts allowing you to swap and change parts at your convenience, for example a spare lower may be used to hold an accessory coil for quick change over.

CMD Quick release cam-lock CMD Quick release cam-lock
CMD's Quick Release Cam-Lock


Upper and Lower Shaft
Carbon Fibre, for maximum strength at minimum weight.
Cam-Lock and Iso-Tip
Nylon, tough, durable and light.
Button Clip and Cam-Lock Pivot
Stainless Steel, avoids corrosion in salt water use.


Upper Shaft Length
Upper Shaft Weight
Lower Shaft Length
Lower Shaft Weight
Total Length Retracted
Max Length Extended
Min Length Extended
Total Weight
Carbon Fibre upper shafts with machine cut holes

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