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Brand: Green Light Publishing
EAN: 9781897738634
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British Museum's Portable Antiques Scheme Finds Identified

An illustrated guide to metal detecting and archaeological finds
by Dr Kevin Leahy and Dr Michael Lewis.

Possibly the most comprehensive finds identification book ever published.

Discover the years of work by the British Museum and Portable Antiques Scheme in identifying and photographing hundreds of artefacts from the stone age to the 20th century in this beautifully illustrated hardback book.

It is organised on a thematic basis with similar objects from different ages grouped together, showing how they changed over time and helping you identify its age.

The book is in hardback A4 format with 360 pages featuring 1200 objects and 2900 photographs


Dress Fittings
Brooches, Buckles, Buckle Clasps, Strap-Ends, Buttons, Button and Loop Fasteners, Toggles, Cufflinks, Pins, Hooked Tags and Dress Hooks, Beads, Lace Tags, Sleeve Clasps, Girdle Hangers.
Dress pendants, Badges, Finger Rings, Bracelets and Arm Rings, Torcs, Ear Rings, Bodkins, Staff Terminals.
Personal Care
Combs, Tweezers, Ear Scoops, Nail Cleaners, Cosmetic Mortars, Razors, Mirrors, Chatelaines, Dental Implements, Wig Curlers.
Religion and Belief
Ampullae, Bullae, Figurines, Crucifixes and Crosses, Reliquaries, Statues, Monumental Brasses, Votive Models and Miniature Objects.
Literacy and Learning
Book Fittings, Seal Matrices, Seal Boxes, Writing Implements, Wax Spatulae, Parchment Prickers, Aestels, Inscribed Objects, Sundials.
Domestic Life
Household and Furnishings: Locks and Keys, Padlocks, Decorative Fittings, Fire Steels and Strike-a-Lights, Candlesticks and Candle Holders, Lamp Hangers. Food and Drink: Cauldrons, Hanging Bowls, Pans and Skillets, Buckets, Ewers and Wine Jugs, Mortars, Knives, Whetstones, Spoons, Chafing Dishes, Taps, Tankards. Pastimes and Entertainment: Toys, Gaming Pieces and Dice, Pipes, Pipe Tampers, Musical Instruments, Bells.
Tools and Manufacture
Axes, Adzes, Axe Hammers, Perforated Implements, Flint Implements, Metal Tools, Metalworking Tools, Die Stamps, Moulds, Ingots, Casting Waste. Textile Working: Spindle Whorls, Needles, Thimbles, Loom Weights, Pin Beaters, Weaving Combs, Weaving Battens, Scissors and Shears, Linen Smoothers, Textile Dressing. Agriculture: Ploughs, Querns, Sickles.
Trade and Commerce
Purses, Coins (Iron Age, Roman, Early Medieval, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, Post Medieval, Early Modern), Coin Weights, Tumbrels, Balances, Weights, Jettons, Tokens, Cloth Seals.
Horses and Transport
Horseshoes, Spurs, Saddles, Stirrups, Bridles and Bridle Bits, Strap Fittings, Harness Pendants, Vehicle Fittings, Terrets and Linch Pins.
Warfare and Hunting
Spearheads, Arrowheads, Daggers and Dirks, Rapiers, Swords, Chapes, Maces, Battleaxes, Shields, Helmets, Armour, Firearms and Gun Related Finds, Hunting and Hawking.

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