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As a complete beginner to the hobby I have been seraching the web and the magazines for the best sup..

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Just to say that Crawfords metal detectors is the most fare and helpful metal detecting shop in the..

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Very late in writing this. Sorry. Cannot praise the service highly enough. One phone call on Fri and..

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This is the sixth volume of the 'Detector Finds' series by Gordon Bailey covering a fresh and fascinating range a of typical (and not so typical) metal detecting finds. A valuable guide for museums, metal detectorists, Archaeologists or anyone with an interest in small metal antiquities.

111 pages in A4 paperback format. Items covered in this volume include:

  • Hanging Swivels
  • Knife Pomels & Caps
  • Roman Nail Cleaners
  • Saxon Wrist Clasps
  • Roman Horse Pendants
  • Inkwells made from lead
  • Roman Medical Implements
  • Merchant & Signet Finger Rings
  • Roman Mirrors
  • The Mining of Lead
  • Belt Decorations, Stiffeners & Mounts
  • Tiepins & Stickpins
  • Lead, Bronze & Silver Crosses
  • Locks made from Iron
  • Lead Spindle Whorls
  • Oferings to the Gods
  • Medals & Collecting Medals

Also includes price guide. Supplied post free for a limited period.

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