Graham Sullivan 20/06/2013

Well i ordered this product Wed 3am and its just turned up Thu 4pm. First impressions -- looks fanta..

Jonathan Curtis 04/04/2017

Received my order this morning. Fast delivery. Many thanks for the extra parts which were not part o..

paul baverstock 23/08/2014

I purchased my garrett ace 250m as my first metal detector and the service I received from crawfords..

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Brand: Books
EAN: 9781897738344
Availability: 1
Ex Tax: £15.50

Volume 4 of the series of fascinating & valuable Guides to dating and identifying metal antiquities.

A4 Paperback format. 98 pages. Price guide included.

Artefacts in this volume include:
The Papel Bulla, Boy Bishop Tokens, Lead Tokens, Lead Seals, Counterfeit Coins, Countermarks on Copper Coins, Seal Matrices, Not Just a Coin, Weights, Heavy Horse Decorations, Crudely Made Bronze Rings, Strap or Belt Loops, Chafing Dish Handles, Cock Fighting Spurs, Tabacco Jars, Sheep Bells, Copper Bracelets, Musket Shot, Clasp or Folding Knives, Knife Blades, Knife Handles/Prommels/Guards, Arrowheads, Forks, Shears, Sickles/Pruning Knives, Cannon Balls, Strike-a-Lights, Ejector Candlesticks.

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