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BUY NOW & GET 1 BOOK FREE. Saving you £15.00. Gordon Bailey's 'Detector Finds' series is an important aid for detectorists and a must on any enthusiasts book shelf.
Buy all seven Detector Finds Volumes and own a valuable and informative guide to identifying small metal antiquities. Each volume includes its own price guide. All A4 paperback format.

Detector Finds 1:
Guide to dating and identifying: Buckles, Buttons, Crotal Bells, Brooches, Spurs, Pipe Tampers, Lead Weights, Book Clasps, Lead Tokens, and Hook Fasteners. Revised third edition.

Detector Finds 2:
Guide to dating and identifying Artefacts including: Thimbles, Spoons, Foot Pattens, Watch Keys, Jettons, Sword and Dagger Chapes, Lead Weights, Brass Horse Bells, Barrel Locks, Purse Frames, Horse Pendants, Toy Cannons and Petronels, Furniture Fittings, Medieval Cased Mirrors, and Pocket Sundials.

Detector Finds 3:
Guide to dating and identifying Artefacts including: Lace Tags, Belt Decorations, Horseshoes, Medieval Candle Holders, Bayonet Scabbard Hooks, Pewter Syringes, Bronze Pot Legs, Walking Stick Tops and Ferrules, Medieval Purse Holders, Brass Lettering from Tombs, Decorative Pouring Spouts, Casket/Chest and Door Keys, Snake Form Belt Hooks, Roman and Saxon Pins, Silver Pins and Bodkins, Pilgrims Ampulla, Medieval Barrel Locks and Keys, Cosmetic Implements, Finger Rings, Clothing Accessories.

Detector Finds 4:
A guide to Lead Tokens, Lead Seals, Countermarks, On Copper Coins, Seal Matrices, Weights, Sheep Bells, Knife Handles, Forks, Cannon Balls and many more.

Detector Finds 5:
Caltrops, Straw Splitters, Musket Shot, Worms & Scouring Sticks, Hippo Sandals, Hunting Pouch Badges, Symbols of Chivalry, Tools, Knife Holders/Sheaths, The Pricker, Small Bronze Anchors, Unusual Copper & Silver Ingots, Lead Shot Tongs, Belt & Chain Link Girdles, Iron & Bronze Keys, The Hook & Spike, Military Badges, Snaffle Bitts, Roman Tent Pegs, Dog Collars, Toy Soldiers, Tanks & Field Guns, The Bronze Swivel
Other Types of Toys, 17th Century Tokens, 18th Century Tokens, 19th Century Tokens, Axe Heads, Wheel Lock Gun Spanners, The Matchbox & Matchcase, The Spear & The Lance, Miscellaneous Roman Military Items, Silver Tokens.

Detector Finds 6:
Hanging Swivels,Knife Pomels & Caps,Roman Nail Cleaners,Saxon Wrist Clasps,Roman Horse Pendants
Inkwells made from lead,Roman Medical Implements
Merchant & Signet Finger Rings, Roman Mirrors
The Mining of Lead, Belt Decorations,Stiffeners & Mounts,Tiepins & Stickpins
Lead, Bronze & Silver Crosses, Locks made from Iron
Lead Spindle Whorls
Oferings to the Gods
Medals & Collecting Medals

Detector Finds 7: NEW
• Pendants
• Open-Type Bells
• Napoleonic Military Items
• Buckle Plates
• Belt Chapes
• Medieval Gilded Studs
• Non-Heraldic Bells
• Lead Weights

The Perfect Present for the Metal Detector enthusiast.

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